You can easily edit, amend and refine any of the activity files that you have created and saved within your ASC Cloud account. For a quick overview of how to edit your activity files, please follow the steps below:

1. Locate the activity file that you wish to edit in your My Files or Team Files* as shown below

2. Click onto the file to open and edit as required. Once completed select 'Save As' to save a new copy, or 'Save' to overwrite the original file.

3. If using 'Save As' give your file a name and then select the folder location of where you wish to save it.

4. Once the save process is complete, the edited file is displayed in the folder we selected, as shown in the image below.


(To edit activity files in a shared Team Files folder, you will need to have edit rights for the folder - alternatively you can copy the file across to your My Files area and edit the copied activity from within there.)