ASC Cloud also enables also you to easily share your activity files and lesson plans externally as well via a link/url.

For instance, you may want to share your session plan with your assistant coaches and players ahead of training so that everyone is aware of what you wish to work in advance, helping to maximise the time available.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use this simple time saving feature and you'll be sharing sessions via 

SMS,WhatsApp,Email or Social Media in no time at all!

1. Go to the folder within your account where the file/lesson plan you wish to share is stored. Select the '...' file menu followed by 'Share' as shown below:

2. The select 'Create Link' as shown below. 

3. Then select 'Copy' as shown which will copy the link to your clipboard. If you wish, you can also create a secure password to protect your link and/or add an expiration date that will automatically remove your link on specific date.

4. Now that we have created and copied the link to our shared file, we'll go to the messaging application on our device (SMS/WhatsApp/Email/Social Media etc) to send the link to whoever we want. 

Create a new message & Paste the link into the text field and hit 'Send'.

5.  Your contact will receive the message with the link which they can then open and view on their device - if your lesson plan/coaching form includes video as well then your contact will be able to play and watch it on their device as well. 

6. You can remove the link so that it is no longer accessible whenever you wish. 

Either go to the file's '...' menu and select 'Remove Shareable Link' as shown in the next image below:

Or go to your 'Shared Files' which gives you quick access to all of the files you have shared via a link and then remove the file from there.