The ASC Cloud platform provides you with the capability of accessing and using your account offline in several ways.

You can switch to offline mode whenever you need to and your internet connection is unstable via the 'Work Offline' Function - located via the dropdown in the upper left-hand corner of your account. Please see the image below and click here for the tutorial.

Any files that you create when offline will be automatically saved to your 'Offline Files' folder and can be synced to your 'My Files' area when next online. You can copy or move files within your account to your 'Offline Files' folder for easy access offline as well.

You also have the option of installing ASC Cloud onto your iOS or Android device, Windows PC or MacBook OS for a native app experience.

To learn how to use and access your ASC Cloud account as a native app on your iOS device, please watch the video tutorial below. For Android, Windows PC and MacBook OS users please visit the Product Tour (a new tutorial will be coming for this soon).