In today's connected world, many of us use different applications and platforms within our daily workflow, not least those of us that work within the world of sport!

Recognising this and with a view to streamlining workflows wherever possible, the ASC Cloud's (Automated Platform Interface - API) has been developed to enable you to easily link to and integrate external applications with your ASC Cloud account.

You can now link your Vimeo, You Tube or iSports Analysis video libraries directly to your ASC Cloud account, giving you easy and direct access to your videos, in one place, enabling you to embed and play them within your lesson plans and coaching forms, streamlining your daily workflows.

1. To connect other applications to your ASC Cloud account, select; 'Settings' > 'Connected Apps' as shown in the image below.

2. Select 'Connect' for the app that you wish to link and integrate with your account and follow the on-screen instructions:

3. Once you have successfully connected the application, go to your account Dashboard and you will see the link to your application displayed within the left-hand navigation menu, as shown opposite:

4. Select the link to navigate to your video library - as shown in the image below:

Your videos are now ready for you to embed and play within your ASC Cloud Interactive Session Plans and Coaching Forms.

If there's an app that you use within your daily workflow that you would like to link to your ASC Cloud account and that has a fully functional API, then please contact us.