Styles and formats with customisation levels (L1,L2,L3 or Custom build). 

For pricing information please refer to the table located at the bottom of the page.

Example 4 Panel versions (4xDiagram/Video boxes)

1.0 Basic 4x Panel (L1)
1.0 Basic 4x Panel - Customised with watermark (L2)
1.1 Basic 4x Grid (L1)
1.1 Basic 4x Grid - Customised (L1)
1.2 Custom 4x Panel with Coaching Points & Ratios (L3)1.3 USWNT 4xPanel with Coaching Points & Ratios (L3)
1.4 4x Panel with Stage Notes & Coaching Points (L3)
1.5 4x Panel with logo watermark (L2)
1.6 4 x Panel Landscape - EPPP format (L3)

1.7  U.S Soccer Coach Education Session Plan
1.7  U.S Soccer Coach Education Session Plan example

Example 3 Panel versions (3xDiagram/Video boxes)

3.1 Basic 3 x Panel with comments/review notes (L1)
3.2 3x Panel with Duration/Field Size & Intensity (L2)
3.3  3 x Panel with 4-Corners, Key Factors & Review (L3)
3.4  3 x Panel with 4-Corners & Component Timing (L3)
3.5  3 x Panel Landscape (L3)

Example Custom Build versions

AFC Bournemouth 
Chicago Fire
The Football Association of Ireland
England Women's National TeamsShamrock Rovers FC
Cardiff City FC
West Ham Utd Match Report From
SAU Player Progress/Evaluation From
US Soccer B Licence


Session Plans and forms are charged on a one-time payment basis and on the level of customisation required.

For guidance on customised pricing, please refer to the table below or feel free to contact the support team for further information.

Customisation LevelUSD $
Level 195.00
Level 2125.00100.00