ASC Cloud Club/Corporate/Educational and White Label licence holders can invite their colleagues to register as sub-users under their licence.

This enables staff and teams to work collaboratively, providing access to content and best practice securely within your organisation via a single portal.

You can then assign your sub-users to 'Member Groups' and define which groups (and the sub users within them) have access to your Team Folders, ensuring that your staff have access to the content specific to their role and their department within your organisation.

To invite your colleagues/staff to register as sub-users under your licence , follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go to your account 'Settings' area and select the 'Members' tab in the top menu, as shown below.

Step 2

Select the 'Invite New Member(s)'

Step 3

Then enter the email address or addresses of the colleagues you wish to invite into the email field as shown below, and select the Member Group you want them assigned to. Then simply hit 'Send Invites' to send. 

Once sent the invitation will be displayed on the 'Pending Invites' area. 

Once your sub-user(s) has registered they are automatically removed from the Pending Invites area and added to the Active Members area.