Categories provide you with an easy and way of managing and filtering specific activity files and lesson plans within your ASC Cloud account that is completely customised to your own development framework and playing style, across your organisation.

Categories are defined and managed by the account administrator, ensuring that consistency is maintained across the entire account for all your sub-users/staff.

Once your custom Categories have been created within your account settings area, you can then assign the relevant files within your My Files and Team Folders to the specific category(s) and then access them easily within the 'Categories' area.

To create and your own Categories, please follow the steps below:

1. Within your account 'Settings' select the 'Categories' tab and then select 'Add Category' as shown

2. Once you have named and saved your Category(s) you will see the 'Categories' link appear in the left-hand navigation menu of your account.

3. You can then assign the relevant Categories to any of your existing files via the file's menu as shown in the images below.

4. Select 'Update' to confirm and then you'll see your files will be displayed within the Category folder(s) you have selected.

There are a number of ways in which you can assign your files to categories, to learn more please visit the 'Assigning Categories' tutorial.