ASC Cloud 2.0 enables administrators to define and set the teams and kit colours for all their sub-users/staff accounts.

In addition, as an administrator your can also define and set the format and colours of the Action and Movement lines for all of your sub-users, ensuring that the activities created are consistent across the entire account.

Administrators can also add additional teams (before it was just 2) and set your kit colours for each team, along with additional Goalkeepers and Coaches as well, so that they are there for you in advance whenever you need to plan a practice.

To do so, please login and select ‘Settings’ > ‘Software Tools’ as shown in the image below.

Further guidance is available via the 'Changing Kit Colours' faq.


Once you have added and defined your Teams, Goalkeepers/Coaches and line styles, if you wish you can then set this for all of your sub-users via the 'Allow' or 'Restrict in-line editing' option located at the bottom of the Software Tools area, as shown in the image below.

Please follow the steps above and let us know how you get on? We have also included a link to the new ‘Product Tour’ for you which includes a ‘Whats New’ that gives you an overview of the new features.