This tutorial will show you how to create pre-defined 'Quick Template' files which can be accessed and load directly via the software - as well as share securely with your colleagues too.

They are a quick and easy solution for creating pre-defined team formations, as well as tactical positioning for set-pieces, patterns of play etc. 

Once you've created and saved your Quick Template(s) you'll be able to access it directly from the software and load it into the middle window, where you can then save it as an activity file, or the starting position for a new animation.

To learn how to create, save and share your own Quick Templates, please follow the steps below:

1. To create a new Quick Template either open the diagram or animation applications and select 'Templates' or go to your account 'Settings' area > 'Software Tools' > 'Add new Quick Template' as shown in images a & b below:

image aimage b

2. Then select the items you want to the field and position as you want.Once your design is complete simply select 'Save Template As' to give it a name and the option to share with your Sub-users, as shown in images c & d below:

image cimage d

3. Once you have saved your Quick Template, return to your account Dashboard (or My Files/Team Files areas > 'Add New') and open either the diagram or animation software application to create a new diagram or animation. 

To then load your Quick Template(s), simply reselect the 'Templates' icon and template you wish to load and then select 'Add to Diagram' to load it into the middle window of the software application.

You can now adapt and refine accordingly to save as a new activity file or use as the starting frame for your new animation, as shown in images e & f below.

image eimage f