Your Interactive Lesson/Session Plan(s) enable you to embed and play video within them on any device. To learn how to do this please follow steps below or watch the Creating Lesson Plans Tutorial.

1. Copy the video link (you can test the link first by opening a new web browser and pasting the link into the address line).

2. Select the 'Embed Video/Image from URL' button, paste your video link into the field and hit 'Embed'.

3. The Thumbnail of your video will be displayed, then simply click onto the Thumbnail to open and play.

If for some reason you are unable to embed and play your video or you receive a 400 error, please follow the steps below:

4. Assuming that you either own, or are authorised to access the video you are trying to embed, login to your video hosting site such as Vimeo, YouTube,Streamable, Hudl etc and check that no privacy or access restrictions have been configured that prevent the video from being played or embedded.

5. If there are no restrictions then upload the video to your hosting site again and ensure that it is saved without any access restrictions and repeat steps 1-3 above.