ASC Cloud 2.0 enables account administrators to add additional teams (before it was just 2) and set the kit colours and ethnicity for each team, along with additional Goalkeepers and Coaches as well, so that they are available for you in advance whenever you need to plan a practice.

To add new Teams and/or change Kit Colours please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your account and select ‘Settings’ > ‘Software Tools’ 

(This feature is exclusively available for account administrators)

2. Add a new team by selecting ‘Add New Team’ as shown in the images below. 

3. Then configure your kit colours and player ethnicity as desired, give your Kit/Team a name and hit 'Update' to save.

4. Change the kit colours of existing teams select ‘Edit/Manage’ which is located opposite for each of the teams listed.

5. Once you have selected your colour and style for each individual kit item, please ensure that you select ‘Update’ to confirm.

This will also automatically set the teams and kit colours for your staff users, ensuring that all of the activities you create are consistent.